I haven’t talked much about my pregnancy this time, even though I keep thinking about writing about it – and before I announced it, I had all these things I wanted to talk about, waiting to explode out. 

Anyway, so I’ll be 16 weeks pregnant this week. How time flies! Well not really, I’m waiting to get beyond 24 weeks (viable baby! aka if baby gets born after, there is a chance of survival) Seriously, doing a neonatal job whilst being pregnant just makes me paranoid and thinking of worst case scenarios all the time. The other day, I sat through a perinatal morbidity clinic where they talked through cases about babies that didn’t survive in the last year. It’s basically to talk with the obstetricians as well and together work through learning points and what we can improve the next time a similar scenario occur. One of it was a 20 week plus pregnant mum who got run over and basically it was a bad bad car accident (she was walking and the car flipped and hit her in the process) and the obstetrician did an emergency caesarean section there and then in A&E to get the baby out in the hopes of increasing survival for mum – both mum and baby did not survive. Inalillahi wainalillahi rajiun – Oh ya Rabb, Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return. By the end of it, I just felt like – this is not what a pregnant woman wants to hear!!! 

Ok sorry, sorry, depressing and gory! 

Let’s change topic….

It’s my birthday next week and I have been reminding M about this, hehe yknow just in case he does forget about it! Also, I want to have both of us off that day and we can have a nice day out somewhere … without Zayan! Hehe. I don’t think we have gone a whole day away (and definitely not a night away) from the little man. So before Baby no 2 comes and takes our freedom away, thought it’d be nice having some quality time with the Mr. 

Speaking of quality time, we haven’t gone out on a date in yonks. At least not since we moved here – which is November last year. So we went out to catch a movie last Sunday. I wanted to watch ‘The Other Women’ and he wanted to watch X Men. We both said no way to each other’s suggestions and decided ‘Bad Neighbour’ as compromise. I wanted a light comedy to relieve me of my 8 day work stint (sunday was Day 7) and oh yeah, it was funny. Lots of sexual scenes be warned but that apart, it was actually really funny. Like LAUGH OUT LOUD funny and not in a lame, slapstick way. 

It sounds painfully obvious but couples do and should have the odd dates here and there! We keep missing it out due to our shifts and this and that. But it was high time I felt as I havent had a proper conversation or ‘me and him’ time for awhile. (It might be the 8 day stint making me feel like that… and he was on nights before… and I was on nights before that… seriously how DO we do this?)

Ok, now I am torn between doing two things: going to sleep (when zayan naps/sleep, all I want to do is sleep as well) or studying (zzzzz).


Love, me

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