Second time round….

This is what I’ve been thinking… seeing as we’re doing this the second time round, what would I like to do differently?

Preparing for baby

I guess we have the essential basics/equipments still for baby and don’t need to go all out as before. I think we’ve been quite good at what we buy and not buying (too many) useless stuff. I’m usually the ones who buy these useless things – like the £80 bouncer thing that Zayan likes to spend more time outside of it rather than in it. That was a waste (and M was so against it). 

I’ll remember not to buy too many baby clothes though. They just grow out of it too quickly. When packing Zayan’s baby clothes, I realise he has more newborn and 1-3 months clothes than he does for the rest of the first year! Haha, I guess after awhile, I just decided not to buy him new onesies until he really really needs it.


I am not the type who has a birth plan. I kinda like to go with the flow. I have realised from previous experience how low my pain threshold is and have no qualms of saying yes to pain medications. Working in paeds/neonates, I definitely want to give birth in the hospital – no water births or home births, thank you. But really, when it comes to it, whatever happens, happens. 

But what I would like to remind myself this time are these:

1. EAT!

I was refusing to eat much when I started having contractions. I was vomiting as well (not sure why. in too much pain?) so didnt feel too good to eat. But boy oh boy, did I regret that. Come the 16th hour of being in hospital and only 5 cm dilated, I’m SOOOO hungry and felt ravenous. I wasn’t allowed to eat though – think it was because by then, they think I have high chance of going for C section as second stage of labour didnt seem to be happening. I was like PLEAASEEEE I’M SO HUNGRY. And after the eventual c section (20 hours in hospital, more than 24 hours of contractions), all I can think of was when they’d allow me to eat. 

2. Keep calm and breathe.

I wasn’t using the gas and air (aka entonox) well awal2, I think because I panicked with my breathing and didnt take it in so well. Eventually, seeing I wasnt getting any other medications that seemed to help, I eventually got it. 

3. Bring maternity pads. 

For some reason, I didnt think of this – I must have neglected the ‘what to bring to hospital’ checklist. But my dear friend brought it for me, even without me having to ask for it!! Thank you, you know who you are! 

After delivery

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I think I was in such a state because Zayan just cried and cried and cried all day, ESPECIALLY between midnight till 4 am. Like why baby whyyyyyyy. And I felt kesian and so sorry for myself, but didn’t bother asking someone to take over. I mean, M was still on paternity leave and my parents were there. I guess I just need to be more ‘I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!!’ rather than waiting for them to get my sorry hints/forlorn looks in the morning. 

I haven’t really thought about the whole ‘jangan luan pigang ke badan’ which we did with Zayan. On one hand, I felt I couldn’t not leave him – actually I have better threshold of hearing him cry but other people (uhuk uhuk M and uhuk uhuk other family members) couldn’t. On the other hand, maybe if we left him to it, he would learn to settle himself. But maybe some babies just dont settle by themselves so easily? I dont know lah… Zayan is so so so much better with his sleep now except yknow for his midnight wanderings to our bed. 

Ok, I gtg now…I’ll think about that last issue another day. 

Love, me

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