Going solo

I’ve just read a blogpost on travelling alone. When I was younger (eseh), I liked the idea of doing things alone. I’m an extrovert but do like the odd times of being solo. Like going to cafe alone and reading or writing there. ohh wow, I havent done that ever since Nino was born.

I’ve eaten a meal in proper restaurant alone before and it wasnt that great as experience – it felt too long of a meal without talking to someone.

I’ve never watched a movie alone though, the thought of it sounds so lonely. Might as well watch a movie at home with a blanket by yourself – more relaxing!

What I did do before getting married was travel alone. Well, travelled to Bristol. Which I think is my favourite go-to town in UK. It’s so scenic and fun to walk around in! I think I went for one or two nights, I cant remember. Stayed in some small hotel. It was actually refreshing and revitalizing to take some time out by myself… except when it was time to go back to the hotel, felt so lonely! maybe cos it was a crap 3 star hotel with a really small room (narrow with barely enough room to pray). I’m sure if I stayed in a 5 star hotel, I would bask in the solitude no problemo.

I havent really done anything alone for so long. Ever since Zayan born kali. I mean, we’re not including the times of hurried grocery shopping. I mean, I dont even go to town alone anymore. Usually when I’m off (and M is not), If I need to go town, I’ll bring Zayan with me. Do you know how tiring 2 year olds are? Especially those who think they’re so independent, inda mau pigang tangan, want to walk in their own leisurely pace and then turun tangga pun misti sendiri. Then at random moments, run to a desired location (like those toy moving car things). It tires me to just think about it.

Actually, M and I havent gone out for a date for so long. Due one soon I think (except we’re always working)!

Lotsa love!

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