Ok I’m sorry for not updating but it’s becauseeee….


Trying so hard not to tell people until past first trimester. And all I wanted to talk about was this! Well, that and work and exam. Work and exam are boring topics though!

Actually I look big cos I’m so bloated and its so variable aka when I last did number two hrhrhrhrhrr. I actually look like I have a flat(ter) tummy here. This is all a lie – its part angle kan badan and part suck tummy. Learn from me yes.


But anyway, I am all good. In the early weeks, I felt really tired – like ridunkulously tired tiap hari – and constipated, so inda nyaman makan pasal inda nyaman rasa parut. Like i would only go every 3-4 days. Lots of people say they didnt realise thats a pregnancy symptom but it happened last time for me too! Baguslah inda jua banyak makan baginya – cos yknow I’m hungry every 2-3 hrs. Sekali ayung/inda dapat bepikir kalau inda makan/minum every 2-3 hrs. Cana kan puasa ni!!

Ok thats it from me now.

Will chat more later.

Love me

PS This dr said I’m more labu earlier on now because my abdomen muscles are not as toned ie more lax than last time. Knew I should have done more abdo exercises postnatally!!


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2 responses to “Announcement

  1. Fadlina

    Congratulations!! When r u due?

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