Weekend lie ins

It’s the weekend, weekend, weekend!

No plans for the weekend but isnt it nice not to have a plan?? I’m thinking we should do an impromptu trip though – I just dont know

Waking up late is also the best thing about weekends. And for the first time since we’ve been back, M and I are off together! So yay, we can take turns in lying in and taking care of Zayan. Actually Zayan woke up pukul 6 ‘ SUSU MAMA SUSU!!’ and now he’s back asleep again. As for me, I’m now wide awake but at least I get to enjoy some downtime.

Yesterday after praying Zuhur, I sat down to just muhasabah diri and for some downtime. There were a lot of us working and nothing much to do, so I didnt have to rush back to work after praying. It occured to me that my life now is always thinking or anticipating what next to do. After work, I have to prepare dinner (or think of what to have for dinner so M can cook it). After sembahyang isya, I have to get Zayan ready for bed – which may or may not be a war struggle. After sembahyang at work, I often rush back to the unit scared that Ive taken too much time already. It just feels like it’s always something to think of/prepare/rush into.

Like even now, I cant help but think – need to prepare breakfast. But thats just cos my tummy is all rumbling and crying for food.


These two clearly do not care for breakfast right now.

Over and out,

Ps its 7 am and I need to call someone about something – I wonder what time is acceptable to call someone on a weekend. Hmm, I’ll call her at 9…. or 10.

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