Saudi princesses reaching out

Watched this yesterday and this has been on my mind lately.

Firstly, I cant believe they’re in their late 30s/early40s, they look great. Ok, that aside, kesian jua watching it. If somehow you’re too lazy or its slow to post up, its two of the Saudi princesses interviewing on skype of how they said theyre being locked up for the last 13 years. They’re not allowed to travel and only allowed to visit each other (I think). Their food has been getting less and less.

Sigh,  I’m pretty pretty sure things will not go any easier on them after doing the interview.

May Allah make their struggle easier,

May somehow the powers of the world today can influence their release somehow,

May they always have their faith with them for thats what keeps one together,

May they be an inspiration to many more women out there whose freedom has been taken away from them,


*Feeling hopeless*



PS. So weird, mac doesnt have a hastag on the keyboard!

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April 2, 2014 · 10:21 am

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