Pics update

Last night in Bru. Cant believe it. Wish I could stay here longer. I even said ‘bah stay sini saja…’ to M but we both know we need to finish our training before we can go back 😦 😦 *heavy heart*

Anyway, here are some pics cos i know I wont post anytime soon lest I feel even more homesick by doing so.

Met up with Joanne in Singapore, at Changi Airport before departure actually!

(Fish & co was awesomeee)

It’s been 4-5 years since we’ve seen each other. We were uni mates/kawan lepak/study group buddies back in the day – there were me, Zimah, Joanne and Sungkai (yes that is his nickname) who bonded over during study group. Sungkai is the big brother kind tapi suka insult us – called me gedik, like buleh to my face. Zimah my bff, like the sister I never had. Joanne – the blur one and makes us laugh with her great dont-mean-to-be-funny one liners. Ahh back in the days! Joanne’s doing paeds too, so it was nice to talk to someone doing the same thing as you.

Zayan meets Alya. Zayan iski kan mau bekawan but Alya was more elusive. Had to remind Zayan re personal space.


The first few days back, we lounged sooo much – macam makan, tidur, limpang, makan… atu tah saja keraja. I felt so sluggish and felt like we're not maximizing our holiday! But here I decided to go all #knk (kenali negara kitani) and went to the Kg Ayer Gallery. It wasnt huge the place but Zayan enjoyed the boat ride and boats in general. "boat! boat! boat!" His pronounciation lagi ada more of english accent (can you imagine boat being said the english way? thats how he said it! sapa kan tu mengajar? BOT BAH ZAYAN BOT)

Btw thats him clutching 'I love Brunei' badge that you get when you visit the gallery. Seringgit saja tu tambang nya, check it out only to say you've been there. Baik jua bah bawa kids to Kg Ayer, I spent a chunk of my childhood there and feel sad that Zayan didnt get to experience it as well (except dulu banyak kegaliannya aku ah – gali jambam, gali jalan arah titian pasal banyak tahi kucing).


This is me and M, escaping as soon as Zayan tido. Mau mengupi – it was 10.30 pm – tapi nda tau kemana and dimana yang buka masih. Coffee bean/zone macam boring too generic. I thought lets just go to Qlap, there should be one cafe still open till midnight or later! In the end, we went to Twelv – open till 11.45 pm ok people just in case you’re an oldie like us tapi still want to merasakan jalan malam. I yawned like 5 times, haha inda cool!


Yesterday, we had BBQ and bouncer di rumah. Saja2 for no occasion except to have fun 🙂 🙂 🙂 My abang punya kids stayed overnight, sekali bangun awal pagi 6.30 going ‘bouncer bouncer!’. Rupanya the condition was that they can go main bouncer once Zayan bangun. Atu ya, as soon as Zayan bangun, they went ballistic. In total, they went on it 3 times in the day.
Totally got my money’s worth!

Before the 2nd time they went on it, my sis in law cakap buleh main tapi tunggu Zayan abis minum susu and relax (so inda muntah). The kids followed him around, pressure urang minum susu.

Oh and the slide, I was scared man. Tinggi kali ah and melabuk splashing lagi masa landing. The kids are so fearless. Hmm, guess maybe fear is conditioned after all.


Being the good son in law, whilst I sat on the swing and makan mee and ambil gambar heheheh.


We went on the Empire hi-tea just for me to menyampaikan hajat and also an excuse to walk around the beach-y area of Empire. The food was ok, I actually liked the savoury more than the sweet desserts. And the scones were good as far as scones go.

Anyway, I’m gonna miss Bru. Back to reality of washing up and laundry and bangun awal keraja. And back to the lonely life of living away from family. Siuk zayan sini banyak cousins, theres always someone to jaga him in the house. He’s not clingy and would play by himself even if nada urang to play with. Sighhhhh.

Ok thatsitthanksbye.


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3 responses to “Pics update

  1. Fadlina

    Not to rub it in, but skjp jua! Hope you managed to try out all the new cafes n restaurants. I have a list too! Safe flight home!

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