Onward to Singapore


Out of SQ flight London to Singapore! This is him going ‘bus!’ – bus pulang di excitedkan nya. Yang airplane palak2 dapan inda pulang iski.

The flight from London was okaaayyyy. Please take into account that I was still post nights Zombie/lack of sleep and mumtathil had just finished 4 day of oncalls plus having lil sleep since he was taking care of zayan solo (since I was on nights).

So there we were, still tired and just wanna sleep, but our rambunctious, inda-pandai-teranah boy wont hear anything of it. Up and down the aisle, up on the seat, at one point, he even put the long cord of the remote control to go from the screen to the seat and started ‘riding’ on the cord. Oh my anakku.

Couldnt fault the airline really. Nothing to complain about. Good service, didnt have to wait long for anything, courteous and friendly cabin crew. One stewardess heard zayan cry and we realise his susu supply ani abis. She came over to ask if everything was ok and when she heard re our crisis, went to get and heat up some fresh cow’s milk. Cheers!!! Crisis averted!!

Singapore… there were lots of things I wanted to write about but now lupa tia.

Sorry I stopped writing for the reasons I cant even remember now. Anyway these are my tips to people going to Singapore (cos yknow I havent been there for 10 years or so and learnt things the hard way):

1. Buy an ezlink MRT card – its basically like an oyster card for their MRT (aka tube). I reckong ticket prices are cheaper using it. We used $15 worth (singapore dollar) in the 3 days there, and we travelled A LOT! Including going to the singapore zoo, which is way north up the country, and going to universal studio.

2. Speaking of MRT, do not eat in the MRT! LOL it seems like everyone knows this sudah… I certainly didnt! I was happily munching my peanut butter sandwich whilst this woman across from me stared at me. Sekali after about 4-5 stops, she was about to get off, she stared wee bit longer st me – sampai ku senyum macam hi – sekali she said “you’re not supposed to eat in here…” Tarus inda senyum. And barutah tenampak the ‘dont eat or else fined for $500’ sign šŸ˜ØšŸ˜ØšŸ˜Ø

3. When going to Universal Studios, buy the express pass! We were told to do this by our friends who live there. It costa an additional $30 and you know what, it was well worth it!! The satisfaction of avoiding the long queues. All that time saved. We only had 3 days (including arriving and leaving days) in Spore, so we wanted to cram as much activities in that space of time. We arrived at 10 am and left around 3 pm, having been to almost all the rides šŸ‘šŸ‘

Love the Universal Studios – it was just the right size for a hot day with a toddler.

Plus Elmo was there, think Zayan macam dumbfounded when he saw Elmo. Tediam tarus and malu inda mau get near. He did half hug elmo when we took a pic with Elmo.

4. Orchard Road is crazy packed! I can see the appeal that road of shops have on Bruneians. All the shopping you can have!! And it is the favourite activity for Bruneians. But perhaps it was because we just got offf the plane that day, perhaps it was jet lag, but I wasnt too keen there. All the shops macam in UK jua. Also there was just TOO MUCH! hahaha mental. Yeah I guess i was too tired. If I didnt have a rambunctious toddler who doesnt understand the concept of NGALIH LAPAS NAIK LONG HAUL FLIGHT, maybe I would be more excited kan bemain.

What I did enjoy is going around and window shopping at Bugis! More kitsch shops but still has the high street shops. The Uni Qlo was huge and wish I can buy more stuff there!

5. Singapore Zoo is awesssomeeeeee!

What I love about Singapore Zoo is that the animals seem more into their natural habitat and you’re close to them! With no huge gates between you a lot of the times! Well, ok not all the time but like with the giraffes, you’re so close with them and nada gate pun!

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