Post exam terrors

I’m back!!!

Finally, I sat for my exam yesterday and still recovering from it. It consists of 10 stations – 6 stations examining patients, 3 talking to parents/patients and 1 video station (where we get assessed on acute management of things). It lasted around 2.5 hours. It was pretty intense to say the least.

I havent had the greatest of appetite leading to the exam and have not yet relaxed post exam. Still having flashbacks of the moronity of what I did/said during the exam. But I guess I’m not alone. Here’s snippets of others who sat for it and how they are now:



LOL Cali jua. Stress ulcer, nighttime flashbacks… Banarrrrr. Not exaggerating. Inda betidur dimalam, kept having memories of the exam. Sigh. Bismillahi tawakaltu Allahlah – in Allah, I give my trust.

Anywayyyyyy…. whilst I try to bury this inside me…. lets just reclaim back some of my life (before I have to sit for it again *baiktah prepare for next sitting*).

Like errrrr…. we’re gonna go on hols in less than 2 weeks!

Zayan is gonna start potty training isuk!! (his childminder’s initiative)

We can host dinner and have belated housewarming gathering!

But mostly, I can

No need to juggle between work and housework and being a mama and studying. Yahoo! Can just live my lifeeeeeeeee.

Lots of love, me

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