Silver lining

Sigh. There’s so many things I want to talk and think about but there’s only one main thing in my head right now: revision for exam! 2 weeks to go!

But I’m sure you dont wanna hear me whinge about my exam. So I’ll show you pics I’ve taken that’s made me smile these days.


Have just moved department as of weds last week – same hospital, different building, different unit. Now working in neonates ITU. It’s so different and since its a tertiary unit, Its so different from the neonatal units I’ve worked before (compared to now, macam unit kampung dulu atu).

Anyway, Theres an underground pass to get to the main building (aka canteen) but my swipe card hasnt worked. So I had to go outside to get there. Not complaining though – the sun was shining and sky oh so blue. Cuba menikmati tapi sebenarnya takut kana crash bleep – was carrying the bleep tapi lupa bagi to someone else when I walked out. Had nightmare vision that I had to run all the way if kana crash bleep (imagine distance being from 5th floor The Mall gadong to mcdonalds – not that mall has 5 floors).


Our lunch out yesterday. Zayan looking not too sure if eating the fries from Ayah’s mouth.


This is my walk home from hospital today. Went for revision session – sebenarnya pikir kan go 1-1.5 hr saja. Sekali kan sampai 2.5 hrs tah pulang. Rained on the way back. Suddenly stopped. Made me feel like – theres gonna be a silver lining to all of this stress! Actually, I’m outwardly calm about the exam despite thinking I need more time to study!!!! My body though is showing signs of stress – like my eyelids keep twitching uncontrollably. #soweird


Thanks ki for the photo! The girl who I’ve befriended the longest has gotten married today! (ok yesterday) So so happy for her. Kinda like #finally ada jua hehe! Know she would love this new chapter in her life (ermmm like all married couples should! bimbo statement). Also, it makes me excited – love all this wedding planning. And its so nice to be all glammed up and feeling special and pretty. Sekali after all the wedding events, macam ai abis tia. Haha I mean, there is that estatic feeling of just getting married but I’m sure plenty of girls (women) out there would understand the feeling of ‘oh boring, no more tiaras/veils to wear, no more bouquets to hold’! Back to my boring normal clothes that doest have a veil or a sweeping train.

Hehe! I do wish I can wear my wedding dress again, sayang jua nda bepakai dalam almari. Maybe i should wear them during our anniversary date,
yknow when I’m washing the dishes….

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