Exam fever

I know, I know, it’s been such a long while since I’ve posted something.

Firstly, Zayan had a viral illness – with fever and barely eating. I was still going to work which was a mistake for my psychological/mental status! Coudltn concentrate much at work!!

Anyway the reason why I havent blooged for awhile is because I’ve been studying for exams. So when I’m not TRYING to read at home, I’m in the hospital going for teaching or practicing at bedside to examine patients. This is all on top of work!!

This exam would be my last ever exam whilst training (theres another exit exam before you become consultant but apparently thats not bad) and I HAVE to pass it in the next 6 months. The exam is held 3 times a year nationwide – I’ve applied and going to sit for the february one. If I fail this, I can sit for the June one. Basically I need to pass it before August, as thats when we change over to become registrars. If I fail, I can’t go up the ladder to become registrar and have more extensive time as SHO. I wont mind so much staying a bit longer as SHO (as feel TERRIFIED of beocming registrar – oh the responsbility! the stress!) but I just want to finish the exam asap. Whilst revising, it feels like my life is put on hold – cant do fun things or plan for holiday yet. Even time with Zayan and mumtathil is limited as being in the hospital more.


Bismillahi tawakaltu illallah….

Lotsa love, me


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