What night shift?



I’m supposed to be asleep but I cant. Its first night shift tonight. I usually go to sleep from 2 pm to 6 pm, so around 4 hrs sleep would suffice to survive the night.

Instead we went for lunch (did I mention my parents and big Bro 3 is here?) and left town at 2.30pm. Then Zayan refused for me to leave from childminder and I stopped by tesco to pick up stuff (yknow woman stuff….).

Then I decided I’ll have some cake and tea cos its so nice to be home alone and have some peace and quiet. And eat on the bed like old time’s sake, like time bujang2 dulu liat dvd on laptop atas katil and makan snacks. All in all, I’m in denial of the night shift tonight and think I’m ‘off’.

Ok sudah habis tidur ku dulu.

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