So yknow how before you become a mum, you’re all ‘I’m not sure if I’ll be a good mum, I’m scared, I’m not ready’. Listen missy, nothing NUTHIN will prepare you for motherhood.

And I’m only saying that because I feel there’s always some sort of curveball to throw me off balance. The path of being a mama is truly not straight. Actually someone said to me once that you’ll eventually get the hang of it (whatever phase your kid is in) … until the next problem/phase kicks in.

Now I’ve made some ‘deadlines’ for my nino. Like he needs to (go back to) sleep in his own bed and ‘retrained’ by his 2nd bday. Now he just camps and takes over half the bed, ever since we moved and for awhile dismantled his cot. Nah ani terstuck tia on out bed.

And how he’s still bottlefeeding. And that he has neither said his name yet nor call his ayah ‘ayah’ (ya panggil mama. yes, ya ada 2 mamas).

So when he turned 2, I was feeling a bit of a failure. And inda semana2, in the last few days, he’s talking more and more and repeating what we say. Dulu when we talk and pronounce things in the hope he’ll repeat it, he’ll just stare back
at us. “CAR!! …. CAR!! …… CAR!!” *in very excitable tone of voice* Nothing, no reaction dulu.

And the most exciting thing of all ….. He’s starting to not use botol susu anymore!! Basically I’ve been trying to wean him
off it for ages (ok a month or two). And then work got me tired and busy and sick and susu was just so easy to give and a quick way to placate him.

He has weaned it down – from having 4-5 bottles to 2-3 bottles a day in the last 2 months. So he would have one when he wakes up, one when he’s in the car back from Shamina (childminder) and one before sleep. Before this, I’ve given him susu JUST before sleep and then he’ll zzzzz straight after. But to have him barus gigi after, I gave him susu a bit before bedtime. So maybe that association of susu-makes-me-sleepy was broken then.

Anyway, Somehow he has been so good in last few days when I’ve refused to
give him ‘susu’. I would give it but via cup.
Or offer diluted juice or water instead (in a cup). There has been a few times when nangis2 refusing to drink but It was easily dissipated/distracted with something else.”

And bedtime? So far 3 nights now that he would sleep without it. Now bedtime story with a book and then my not-so-imaginative stories (mostly of me making up stories of how he imagines the world in his scooter. Like he imagines going up, up, up away in the clouds on it and scooter-ing in high speed with his buddy riaz. Of how he imagine of a world so much bigger than the walls of the flat he lives in.) LOL I really do wonder what goes on in his head.


Anyway, I’m now feeling ‘chillax saja’. Zayan will wean off the bottle and sleep in his bed and start talking properly in his own time. I’ll juat nudge him in the right direction every now and then.

Lotsa love,

PS The first night I put him to sleep without bottle, ada rasa sedih and nostalgic seketika jua. My boy aint a baby anymore!!

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