Zayan is 2!

*edited post*


My boy turned 2 a few days ago. We did a little makan2 with my sis in law and friends/neighbours from upstairs apartment. When I say makan2, I meant we bought food from a japanese restaurant and I made choc cake (fudge icing store bought – heheh- it was luxurious but lil salty for my taste). I was one hour late with zayan because there was a traffic jam going back home. So not only did I have all the food but the bday boy was with me too! Stressssssssssssssss!

Anyway we had a lovely night in the end. Zayan had fun playing with Hamzah, our friends/neighbour punya kid. Who has the cutest curls and piercing grey eyes. Heartbreaker in the making!

This weekend, we’re going to have people coming down. Big Bro 1 and family. My cousin. My in laws. I am inwardly gulping and thinking how we’re going to pull this off!! (Actually we’re gonna go for catering so 80% of the work is done!)

Zayan, mama love you so much. Even though mama marah2 kadang2, mama really loves you and wish I can spend more and more of my time with you, me and ayah.

You are one cheeky little boy who definitely has a mind of your own. You hate it when I feed you, you hate wearing your big coat because it restricts you, you gasp in horror whenever I press the lift buttons before you. Your wanting to be independent can be annoying but really mama is proud of you, my little nino.

Grow each day, and like what Little Mix sang – Mama told you not to waste your life. Spread your wings, my little butterfly.

Lotsa love,
Your mama

PS Yes mama looks funny in the photo but it was fun times trying to
blow the candle with you.

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December 16, 2013 · 8:47 am

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