Nature day

Went to my inlaws place and we went to a farm nearby called Jimmy’s Farm.

Basically there were animals fenced in in ample greenery space. There were baby goats (SO cute), rheas, alpaca, horses, hens, ducks, rabbits, guineapigs, pigs (ughh) and errrr butterflies.


Initially I wasnt sure of going through the cold in a potentially muddy farm but actually it was a lot of fun. Fresh air. Sunny weather. Zayan having fun squealing when he sees the animals and then squealing to get away from petting them


We went into the Hen Paradise, or whatever it was called. Basically they have these small houses for the hens and roosters. Zayan went up to one and a hen came running out. Just the look in his face… priceless!


And this is one of the guinea pigs house. Cute!! Could see three inside at least. Two on the top floor…do they have stairs in there??


And then there was a zipline!! What an awesome playground! It was just the three of us there, it was situated at the back of the farm. Jimmy (my sis in law) and M went on it a few times – and once Zayan with M *terrified face* (Zayan loved it)







All in all, it was a good day, back with nature.

……. I just wanna buy a pair of wellies now!

Love, me

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