Night shifts

On nights

I dont mind night shifts except I miss M and Zayanino.

I see them maybe 1-2 hrs a day and then back to hosp for shift!

I used to be scared of nights, being by yourself dealing with sick patients. Contemplating whether to call your senior or not. Being sick of the bleep going off. Becoming zombie by 4 in the morning and wishing its 8am already. Or wishing that time will stand still whilst you finish all the jobs and clearing the mess of unwell patients, abnormal blood results and constant reviews of someone who has spiked temperature or not passing urine.

Ahh, and dont get me started on how much hatred i can have on an inanimate object that is the bleep.

*Stopped writing as nights became busier*

Now post nights….After walking home with my coat buttoned wrong like a mad woman:



Lotsa love!

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