Cheeky monkey


The other day, Zayan’s childminder asked for his baby photo and I had a lil reminscing moment looking at them. Think she’s wanting to make an album of his photos over the year as his bday present. I know pretty sweet right? It’s always nice whenever she shows me photos of what he’s been up to – it’s a bit of a comfort knowing he’s taken care of and he’s having a great time. And just seeing his personality outside home and outside the family.

So he’s almost two! A month to go now! We’re thinking of what to buy for him. Part of me think that we cant make up our minds and will end up not buying anything in the end. Last year we didnt get him anything as M felt he doesnt know its his bday anyway. He still doesnt know its his bday but at least he can appreciate whatever we buy him more (mmmm maybe…. or perhaps itd be forgotten in a few days time).

2 years!! From a wee lil screaming baby to this ….


He is what the English say “a cheeky little monkey”. Yknow whenever I call one of my patients that “a cheeky monkey” or “being a little monkey”, the parents dont mind it and in fact likes it (nods to it mostly). Its an endearing term in the English culture. Dont think I can say that in malay (“ambuk damit”) – so offensive and rude to us hahaha!

Anyway the actual point of this post is actually the term cheeky monkey. Or more like how different cultures perceive things differently. Like calling someone a cow is an insult and if I call someone ‘lembu’, it wont have the same effect.

… random.

Okays thats it.

Lotsa love!

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