Why Ive been MIA

I know I’ve been MIA for way too long but this has been whats happening:

1/11/13 – Friday night. Not finished packing yet. Removal men & van coming tomorrow. Internally panicking. Must. keep. packing.

2/11/13 – Woke up at 6 am to continue packing. Almost there, almost there. Men with a van came at 11.30. Zayan was shipped off to 360 play with my sis
in law just before so he wont get in the way. (He’s a very curious and belabih ikut2an lil fella)

2 hours of non stop moving boxes from our old place to new flat (less than a minute drive away). The things that sucked: climbing 2 flight of stairs in old flat and then slight long walk from van to new flat.

All that packing? Now I’ve got to unpack them!!

3/11/13 – Drive to ikea with our rental van for furniture shopping. We arrived 11ish and left at 2ish. Again Nawfa was left to care for Zayan in Ikea whilst we got all the furniture we wanted. He fell asleep for almost 2 hours at the Ikea canteen, kesian! (Macam ya tah pulang yang ngalih bekeraja all wknd!)

By the end of it, we got 2 bookcases, dining table, bed and mattress, small almari for Zayan, storage boxes, carpet for living room and mini carpet for zayan’s room.

Then we (mumtathil and friends) had to
move all the things to our flat. The evenig was spent unpacking and building up the furniture.

Mumtathil and I were ready to collapse by the end of that wknd.

4/11/13 – After work, we cleaned the old flat. With all our stuff and furnitures removed, the flat looked bit disgusting. Like how did we live with all that dust and grime (in the kitchen oven)????

Almost soarkling kitchen and bathroom by end of it. Whats left was carpet cleaning and hoovering.

5/11/13 – oncall till 9 pm

6/11/13 – As part of the Junior Doctors comittee, I just had to volunteer to
organise a social. The majority voted that evening and so had to go out even though all I wanted to do was unpack and tidy up new place (and clean old place). Brought Zayan along cos I miss the lil one.

7/11/13 – oncall till 9 pm

8/11/13 – Went to court for my visa appeal. Alhamdulillah case withdrawn and insyaAllah will have my visa/passport soon (which means 6-8 weeks UKBA style).

Mumtathil on nights. Cleaned the old place after the court thing and then tidied up the house. There were still a lot of boxes and plastic bags and things on the floor. Gaaaaahhhh!

9/11/13 – oncall AGAIN. Zayan was super clingy and didnt want me to leave. He’s never like this. Was heartbreaking to leave him in tears and wantin to be picked up. Nawfa said he stopped
crying within a minute, got manja again when he saw mumtathil but then settled again when he didnt see mumtathil.

10/11/13 – yes oncall again. This time, no tears from zayan. So hungry at work even though I had lunch at an appropriate time (1pm). Ordered pizza for everyone and ate it at handover. Good times.

11/11/13 – Day 8 of work (ok I had friday off but it wasnt a relaxing day was it) Finally have one evening when I’m not unpacking or packing. Actually there was still a lot of tidying to do but I chose to ignore it that night.

12/11/13 – Zayanino snottier than ever and each time he coughed, he wanted a hug. Manja boy but dont blame him, he hasnt seen us (esp me) much lately. Clingier and just cried easily for anything and everything. During these times, I doubt my decision to go full time.

13/11/13 – Didnt go to work as Zayan kept having temperatures. He slept for FOUR hours in the day. That never happens, he usually sleeps for an hour (2 hrs occasionally) in the day. After his lonnnnggg nap, he was like a recovered cured boy and back to his normal self (still snotty and refusing food but hey ho…. he seems happier). Guess all he needed was just some TLC from his mama.

And tomorrow even though he’s not back to normal healthy self, he’ll have to go to childminder whilst we go to work. Kesian. I wish he can relax and recover in his home environment. nyaman tidurnya atu because he’s at home maybe (cuddled with mama).

Ya Allah, I pray that You will protect him at all times.

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One response to “Why Ive been MIA

  1. syuhaida abas

    packing and unpackingg..kesian eh nyalih tu kaka.baik jua my stuff inda banyak tapi the fun part is the furniture shopping weeee…. insyallah nextyear pindah rumah yeaaa…bulan jan baru start renovation alhamdulilah….

    hugs hugs si zayan your lil monkey..hehehe..kiut eh inda kerasahan ah tyme kawin kecil maasih…

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