Decluttering your life

Off for the last 1 week – in a way, it was nice not to have a schedule to stick to. No need to wake up and rush to work, no work, none of the stress of having to make dinner, feed zayanino, mandikan and then bedtime in a tight schedule.

What I have been doing is packing and decluttering. Once upon a time, a friend of mine bought me a book with the title ‘How to declutter your life’ (or something like that). I dont know whyyy she would buy me that book! *hoarder in denial*

These are the tips I learnt from it:

1. Have only one of an essential item – like one pair of scissors or one lotion. Because (a) if you have too many scissors, youll just lose them and put them in random places. If you only have one, youll treasure it more and make sure it is placed in its own special place and you wont have to find for it all the time, and (b) too many options usually just mean youll end up choosing the same thing all the time. If you have to,
limit to just to one or two item of essentials.

2. If you cant bear to get rid of something for its sentimental value, take a picture of it instead.

3. Or give your very loved item
(but not used much because youve grown out of it) to someone who you know will love it. Give your old camera to your younger cousin or your nephew/niece.

4. If you havent worn that item
of clothing in the last year, you’re not gonna wear them
ever. If you think ‘ill wear it when the size fits me’, either you get on track to getting that size or just give it away. (This tip said by me,
not the book)

5. If you are like me, who loves to keep old birthday/anniversary cards and read them once a blue moon, pile them together into a scrapbook. I’ve just started doing this and it was very simple – I had no time to
properly decorate each page. I just took the card or picture and stick into an album. I’ve also put in postcards given over the years into an album. Love it!!!

6. Declutter your room/house every few months. You’ll feel good after it! My sister in law noted that we didnt have much junk in our place and I think thats partly because we do chuck/donate things out every 6 months or so — and also partly because I hide things well HAHA.

I guess because we dont have much space, it feels like I have to continously make sure unneccessary or stuff we dont use anymore needs to be let go from time to time.

Now here are the issues I need to think about:

1. I havent used my Asian wedding dress (that I wore for reception here) ever since then, and dont think I’ll
wear it again. Theres never an occasion to look so blingin’ and dont think my waist/hip size is the same pre-pregnancy. *cries*

2. Ditto re M’s salwar kameez. Or whatever his guy suit is called. We both feel its just taking space in our (small) cupboard. It has to go but how and where??

3. Ive got a few reaaallyyy nice shoes, again wedding punya. Sigh its so nice but theres never an event here i go to that I can use it. Wedding invitations come once a year here for me and I never
go to Xmas Dos. How now brown cow? I’m gonna pat it and look at it endearingly one last time and then, bye bye!


Thats our wdding gear! Gaaah cheesy obligatory wedding pose *cringe*

Lastly if you’re like a hard core hoarder like me, just be ruthless!!! Well thats what M said when he threw away my high school calculator. Its ok, I saved the photo stickers of my rnb gang that was on it and put it in my scrapbook. Keh keh keh. Think it helped if he threw the things… when he kept saying ‘you dont need this! Buang ok?….. Youre not gonna use this, buang! …. blabla blabla Buang ok?’. Last2, aku pun ‘bah bah bahhhh buang tah!’

Lotsa love

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