My fave books


Packing is slow.
It’s because I find things to read and flick through and then go all sentimental when i should just be slick and go pack/throw/donate!

Like yesterday I found the photobook my cousin made for me – with all the sweet notes and some not so prettty pictures of me, sent and written by my friends and her. Cue warm fuzzy knots in my heart – sometimes it feels that THAT Fiz they talk about is not much there anymore. I guess only certain people see that side of me (aside from M – no one here really sees that silly bimbo laughs like hyena side of me) and it has been so so long since i had a proper hang out being silly with close friends/family.

I digress.

So there I was packing my books and holding my fave books with a smile. Reliving the funny/clever/heartwarming chapters in my head. Thinking ‘aww wont it be nice to read this again’. No time, no time!

Ive put the books I really really like to one side to IG and realise theres just too many of them!!!

Ok thats it, if I decide not to pursue medicine anymore, I’m gonna be a librarian instead.

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October 25, 2013 · 6:04 am

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