Talking toddler

I should be in bed now, these midnight curfew times really is not good for the health or eyebags.

Just to update on the home situation. We’re moving out in less than 3 weeks time. We’ve decided to move to the flat that is smaller than ours now. *whisper – and abandon my hope for having a home with garden for the time being.*

But it’s ok. I’m fine. Life goes on.

It’s not like I dont have a roof over my head. And the flat is nice and clean and new as well. Also, it’s unfurnished and for the first time ever, I’m choosing my own furnitures. *excited* any excuse for some retail therapy* open ikea website*


Zayan is now finally talking!!

Ok, not talking  talking. But he is repeating more and more words, and using it meaningfully too. He likes to say poo (which kid doesnt?) and hot. So everything is hot now and needs to be blown. *insert emoticon crying/laughing face*

Oh Zayan! Mama love you so much!




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