Home searching

So we’ve been told to move out two days ago.

Ok not wanting to sound dramatic there. Basically the place we’re renting, the very place that M and I have stayed in since we got married (THREE years), has been sold and so, we have to move out.

The agents say we have until December to move out. They’ve offered us two places in the same complex to live if we choose to take it. One apartment is similar to ours but have a lot of work to be done and has dirty carpets and has poor natural lighting. The other place is smaller than ours. We’ve worked out that it can fit in the furnitures we want but just about.

These are my issues:

1. I have been longing to move to a proper house with a garden. It’s just more homey compared to a flat if you get what I mean. And so the domesticated goddess in me dreams of. It just feels like a natural progression to where we are in our lives, we can afford a more expensive place now and its nice for Zayan too to have more space – and oh wow an outside area to play!

2. Location.
We want a place close to the hospital because the hospital’s car parking issue sucks. Staff have to park far from the hospital and walk at very least 10 minutes away to get parking.

Also we dont want to live too far away from the childminder’s place because its such a drag to drive across town/high traffic areas during peak time – which is usually when we do drop off/pick up.

which is why our current area is good, close to work, close to motorway (if we do get sent to hospitals outside leics), close to childminder.

3. The really nice houses are not in our area. Here is more studenty on one side and rough/chavvy on the other. The houses I would like to live in is furtherrrrr away from current location.

So where do I stand? What should be a sacrifice?

Sometimes I think – I dont want to ‘downgrade’ my place of living. As if moving to a smaller flat means I am not achieving that bruneian dream – your own place with huge garden and space to park three cars and oh so luxurious SPACE. Then I think I’m being so silly. If living in a favourable location means Zayanino will have more time in the house than at childminder/in the car, then is that not better?

So what if he cant have his own lil tike or scooter cos theres no space to put it? Or that we’ll have to chuck a lot of things or own less to make space (bye shoes…. wait surely the shoes can stay….)?

I wish I’m less hell-bent on these material things. That I can pat myself and say – one day…. one day, we’ll get our own place, garden, swings, tree house and all.

Love, me

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One response to “Home searching

  1. MamaLyn

    omg! So much stress! Well, I would be stressed anyway. Hate moving. But u are making reasonable arguments fiz. Like u said, something has to be sacrificed. And no point having a garden but no time to play in it cos u’re spending more time driving to work/child minder. We have a huge garden but hardly ever spend time in it anyway. plus a bigger house is so much harder & more time consuming to clean/maintain. And time is one thing that we lack. I actually miss having a small flat. The grass is always greener on the other side. Hope it all works out for the best, insya Allah.

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