Crazy night shift

This time yesterday, I was tucking Zayan in to sleep. Embracing that time when its all quiet, its just me and him, we’ve had a long cuddle to which he fell asleep. I love putting him to sleep – I cant articulate well enough to explain why. I guess after a long day, its a nice day to unwind and all my muscles relax, I leave my phone and all other distractions behind, and I put all thoughts on hold and just suck in the bliss of holding my child, especially if I havent seen him much all day. Plus he’s a mobile toddler now aka no more long cuddles with mama when awake.

Anyway so there I was, feeling pretty knackered and ready to sleep. Ive just finished my night shift yesterday morning and has developed nasty cold that has taken away my voice. I didnt sleep much as I went to a course in the afternoon (I know, I’m crazy). I slept on and off for 3 hours through the day and was happy come 8 pm, time to put zayan to sleep and then zzzzz myself.

Then a registrar I work with called… she never calls me, so this is odd I thought. Long story short, I forgot that I have swapped with someone agesssss ago and agreed to do her nights!! Gaaaahhhhhh. *slaps forehead* bang head* looks at bed forlornly*

Now not only have I not slept much all day, I’m also nursing a headache, fever and blocked nose. *cries* I was so so happy to finished nights in the morning. Anyway I got dressed quickly, prayed and went to work 20 minutes later. Sigh. To a manic state of an admission ward btw.

By midnight, I was thinking ‘its only midnight???’. At 3 pm, I felt like crying with exhaustion (My body does not
cope well when unwell. I have man-flu.) Close to 4 pm, the HCA must have taken pity on me and made me a cup of coffee and toast with jam. Just as I was about to eat it, I got called away again. Must have been the quickest I’ve eaten toast before. And the first time I drank coffee without sugar. Beggars cant be choosers, so I gulped it as fast as I can without burning my tongue. That gave me energy/caffeine boost for half an hr and got really tired again by 5.

Anyway I survived the night without causing too much harm I hope. All through the night, I prayed that I havent missed any sick patients and that I havent missed anything. Alhamdulillah, my prayers were answered too – the night was relatively quiet in the wards and there was no terribly sick patients. Thank you Ya Rabb for looking after me last night.

love me

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