Reading mojo

I realise I haven’t finished writing the last post. Basically I was writing that via my phone and then zayan woke up from his sleep, cried and had to stop writing. Now I can’t be bothered to finish it off! Haha.

I have a headache, it’s my own fault. I missed lunch and it wasnt so busy after all. Hunger headache stayed despite eating a good Moroccan roast chicken (Thanks Sayang! Must admit he IS the better cook between the two of us). 

It occurred to me this morning that I haven’t been reading non-medical stuff for awhile (actually I dont even read medical stuff that much). I want to read a good captivating book but am too tired to start reading one. Then, i thought – ok short stories would be better. I dont usually like short stories, I find myself getting to the end thinking ‘Wait, wait! I want to know more!’. But now, short stories seems to be appealing. 

I have to get back to reading Quran groove too. Astaghfirullah, masa bulan puasa bukan main, now back to its shelf, collecting dust. 

Ohhhh, I just want some time when I can properly rest. 

Yes, a long holiday is way overdue. 

Night shifts this weekend and then one week off YAHOO! (Except I have an audit presentation to do next Friday but we can ignore that until the two days before presentation day) Can’t wait for my days off though, I miss spending lots and lots of time with Zayan. And whilst he may coincidentally be going through that ‘I will test boundaries, I will cry until I get what I want’ stage, part of me is scared it’s his way of reacting to Mama not being around as much anymore. *working mama’s guilt*

That aside, I have a new arts project to do!! Pictures soon, as soon as I get started on it (ie after night shifts). Excited and iski actually. It’s a cheats way of scrapbooking but the cards are oh so pretty and trendy looking. LIKE. 

Ok, gotta go, 

Love, me


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