Toddler stage

M and I are taking a long 4 day weekend, taking this mon and tues as holiday. Mainly to meet up
with our friends Adam, Lyn and ther kid Humayra, but it gives a great excuse to take some time out too. Also I’m supposed to be working 7 days straight this week – 3 of which are night shifts. So taking 2 days off means I only work 5 days this week YAY!

So we went to the Halal Food festival in london yesterday and Kew Gardens today. Yesterday it just seemed like Zayan was crying alllllll the time. At one point, we were in the car and got stuck in traffic for close to 45 mins and he was whining and whining. Macam eeeeee cemani kah ku dulu masa damit, kuat nangis. Sorry Pa, Ma, I must be such an annoying kid!

Today he woke up in a good mood and was in a great mood until 4 pm. Then it was just temperamental city.

We were enjoying ourselves at the kew Gardens. He played, we took pictures, we walked around. Then he started acting up when we were on top
of the tree walkway (which is so so so so tall). We went up on a lift and he became obsessed at pressing the lift buttons when we were up there. When I took him away, he just started becoming upset and will not shut up and will
not listen to us (like run at the opposite direction). For a moment I thought “ku tinggalkan ko karang sini at this patch of grass…” *teeth grinding* tight lips-* keep calm keep calm* M must have seen my ‘keep calm tapi dalam hati marah’ look because he took Zayan away from me after and Zayan calmed down after awhile. Kadang2 Zayan ani terusik jua. Lapas kana marah, nda beranti menangisnya sampai kana pujuk, sampai i have to go ‘awu bah awu bah inda marah lagi’.

We went to this Msian restaurant Tuk Din (nyamaaaaannnn) and he had some mini tantrums. First he cried cos I wont let him have my Teh Tarik. Like having tantrum cry that can neither be reasoned nor be distracted out of. It seemed like now I’m the parent who had a screaming child and everyone else wished he would shut up so they can have their dinner in peace. Eventually I took him out of his seat and took him for a walk outside. Then he settled after dinner and played with some wipes, wiping the table off curry stains. I picked up the veggie that dropped from
his plate and would you know it, this sparked another unreasonable (it could totally be reasonable but he wasnt able to articulate the rationale behind his distress). I put the sayur back on the table and this made him even MORE upset. Like what the????

Sigh, so now I’m reading off the Net on what to do when Zayan does his ‘cry cry cry till I get what I want, even if I turn all red and look like I’ll stop breathing’.

This is what I realise (and deep down, know) what we should do if he cries to get what he wants:

1. Use distraction. Sometimes this works, so must use this more often.

2. Stay calm and try not to be emotionally affected. The more upset/angry I get, the more upset he will be. *mantra*

3. Ignore.

4. Listen to him and just let him cry. This may sound like the opposite of action no 3, but what i meant then was to not give in. Sometimes I think I should just let him cry and comfort him whilst he cry. For eg tadi when he played at this building’s door forever even though i kept calling him to come to me…. eventually I picked him up and told him that he’s being naughty and then the tears just didnt end after πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ😰

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