I just want to let you, dear readers, know that I am still alive and kicking and surviving work. Full time worker/mummy (10-12 hrs at home, the other half of life at work) is ok. I have learnt so much working full time in a tertiary hospital in last few weeks. Exponential learning curve definitely. My body seems to be functioning ok with just 5-6 hrs of sleep. Pretty sure i need more though. But why waste time asleep when I can be living without working hey?

Ive been wanting to blog so many times. When I’m in the shower or washing the dishes, I have brief moments of epiphany thinking YES that will be a good thing to talk about and then the moment goes away as I get swept with doing the next task at hand.

Ok here’s a list of what’s in my mind/life lately and maybe one day I’ll write about it:

1. I have been married for 3 years now as of a few days ago. My tip to all couples out there: start low expectatiobs in gift giving. Come a frw years, youll be racking brain what to give next. I gave M socks this year. He was very happy with it (no joke. The socks are cool looking). Heart sings.

2. M’s birthday fell onto this month. Buying gifts for guys are difficult. I bought him a very expensive PS3 game. I consider that a gift from the heart – I mean why would I buy something that will distract my husband and limit my TV time unless I really love him right?

3. Zayan is talking! Well, kinda. Repeating words and a few random words that he knows and understands meaning of. Most importantly, he can shout mama from the bottom of staira now. Worryingly, everything is Mama now. He pointed to a picture of a guy on a brochure and went ‘mama?’. Hmmmmmmmmm.

4. We went to London to meet ny cousins and aunty/uncle. Being with family is great. It makes being away for so long just bearable.

5. Zayan can point to various body organs.

It sounds trivial when I say it out loud but I am so proud of him. Especially since the first body part he knows is ‘pusat’.

6. So many things to do re work. Audit report and presentation, case presentations, writing for short case to send for publication. The list goes on.

Ok thats it. I am post nights. Ive slept only 2 hrs in last 36 hours. Good stuff. i am typing this on my phone with eyes half closed. Hoe aersome an 8? (How awesome am I?)

lotsa love me

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September 27, 2013 · 11:53 pm

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