Starting work tomorrow. Yes alhamdulillah I now can work!

Anyway, I just have to write this down else I forget this phase in my life as a momma, as I realise I’m forgetting a lot of what happened in Zayanino’s first year of life. Like how it took me forever to put him to sleep. All the rocking and singing and rocking some more. And having to wait for a long time before putting him down and when I do, I put him down ever so gently lest he wakes up.

So, the story… Zayan very rarely calls me mama. He just doesn’t call me. He calls his ayah all the time. Ayah, ayah, AYAAAHHH!!! Kalau ya dangar pintu buka, tarus ‘ayaahhhhhhhh!’ whilst running to his baby gate. *rolls eyes tapi sebenarnya jealous*

And I’m Ayah too sometimes. So patiently, I would say ‘bukan Ayah, mama….’. And he would just blank me. He knows I’m mama too, because Mumtathil would go ‘give it to mama’ or ‘go to mama’ and he understands and would do it.

In the last two weeks though, he has finally FINALLY called me in that sweet innocent voice ‘Mama…’. So when he turns to me and go “Mama…..”, I cannot refuse his demands after. LOL

Oh how magical just a word can make one feel!

Love you my boy that’s growing,

Your mama

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