Financial planning

Oh, how two words can make one’s heart sink and head hurts simultaneously! Unless you’re good at financial planning that is, which is not the case for the average person.

Fortunately, I have brothers who harp on and on about savings and how much one should save and what to save for, etc etc. Ok they don’t actually harp on anymore but their words have definitely stuck on me Alhamdulillah.

So, I think from time to time, one should look at his/her finances and see where things are going and how much to save for. As things and circumstances change, there will be times when one needs to save up more or relax a little bit on the saving. Anyway, that’s what I did yesterday. Looked at our joint account to see what and how much we’ve been spending on in the last 5 months.

Bills, petrol and groceries seems to be more or less the same each month. However, childcare has climbed up since we changed to a new childminder and especially now that I’m going to full time. Basically, now it costs us a whopping £730 a month. Atu baru satu anak tu, imagine cemana kalau more. Although hopefully insyAllah if we have another one, Zayan will either have free nursery (I think it’s free after 3 years old) or be in school sudah.

Anyway, we’ve made plans to save up more now and to cut down on stuff we don’t need. Like how we buy too much food and in the end, have to buang because it got mouldy.

As much as I hate doing the books, it does feel good to have a plan.

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