Eid gift


Zayan got an Eid presnt from his childminder in the form of a baby laptop. Macam WAHHHHH bagus jua childmindernya ani. And alhamdulillah rezeki Zayan dapat hadiah! Parents inda bagi pun ya hadiah hehehe.

Well we wanted to buy him a micro scooter – its like scooter for kids 1 yr and above, it transforms into a big boy scooter as he gets older. But he couldnt manouvre it well, think he needs to be more steady and have longer legs before being able to use it properly.

And I did vow a few months ago I won’t buy Zayan any toys for awhile since he has so much sudah!

Thank you anyway Shamina! He obviously loves it, dancing and (attempting to) sing along with it.

I know awhile ago I was worried of starting a new childminder. Alhamdulillah that has worked out fine. He’s good friends with Shamina’s 2 year old daughter, who adores him. Tarus masa sampai, she greets him and they walk hand in hand inside *adorbs!* And I trust Shamina now too. In the beginning she said she doesnt do evenings and weekends but since I’m working full time now, there’s bound to be clash of oncalls with me and M. So i asked if she can do the odd after hours shift, which she is more than happy now to do (yayyy!).

Oh and another good news – I can work now! Currently scheduled off in the rota but will start work next week. 7 days in a row! 5 of which are on calls! Oh Zayan, mama will miss you and pls dont be too clingy. Or be upset with me!

Love your mama

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August 16, 2013 · 2:21 pm

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