Trip back to the in laws

Went to myin laws place a few days ago. My sis in laws came to look afterZayan during Eid and they were due to go back on mondayvia train.As M was off post nights, we thought we might as well drive them back and spend some time with his family. I was super iski as craving for some family meriah time.

Back in Ipswich, there were his parents, 4 younger siblings and his sister and her husband visiting too with their twins.


The twins are SUPER CUTE ADORABLE. They are also super criers like how Zayan was, crying especially when they couldnt sleep or cranky having not enough sleep. Oh I remember (very vaguely) how it was! my heart goes to my sis in law who is ever so patient (I’m sure I was less so during those times).

It does make my motherhood broody feeling twinge holding the babies though! Kinda like all the crying is forgiven for the cuddles you get with lil babies. Zayan does give hugs but it lasts seconds and off he goes again!

The next day, we went for a walk in town. Nothing much happening! Ipswich is a small town and peobably just a bit more happening than Lboro. Ok thats an exaggeration, there’s more high street shops in Ipswich.

M got his ‘ranggup’ fix. He loves this sambal udang ranggup sauce (kinda macam sambal untuk nasi lemak) but I’ve been searching it high and low in the oriental shops in leics to no success. I told him that its cos he’s the only one who likes it and theyve stopped making it. Well, his dad likes it too apparently and bought it from their oriental corner shop. We bought THREE bottles of this sambal ranggup.

Lil Z fell asleep in his stroller and I suggested walking some more round the waterfront which is on the way home. Went al fresco coffee/lemonade time as it was so sunny.



Zayan woke up and just wanted to stare at all the boats. Or maybe he wanted to stare at the topless (with parut) man in his yacht.


Impromptu picture taking. Oh Zayan pipi mu sungguh gebu!


Sitting like a lil emperor, scanning the world.

And lastly, updated pic of the lil man with his Dada (grandad in bengali) and Nanny (mmm grandma in english LOL).


Oh I couldnt end this without a pic of this lil one:


Feel blessed to have in laws that I get along well with!

Much love, me

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