A book about Kabul

Coming up: A book review on the latest I’ve read …..

The Little Coffee shop of Kabul


It’s a story of five women of different backgrounds with their own stories and problems to tell. It’s based on an American woman, called Sunny, owning a coffee shop in Kabul and how it attracts these different women and how they interlink with each other.

I think in the first few pages, it started off with the story of an Afganistani woman being assaulted and dragged away from her village home. It kinda upsetted me as do stories like this. Bagi marah membaca bah. Especially when i think ‘UGH these are the Muslims that people will read about and think this is what Islam is about!’. I have to remember Mumtathil’s words about these things – they’re not acting like Muslims, they are being men doing injustice to Islam.

Anyway, the stories unravelled and I got hooked onto it! And whilst there are stories from Afghanistan that are intriguing and frankly upsetting, but I think that’s what makes the book good. I kept thinking of the book days after.

Ok, not much of a review. Ok I’ll finish with this: the book is written in a light, fictional way with several stories reflecting what’s currently going on in Afghanistan. It has combination of humor and sadness… I think I cried in the last chapter or two of the book. Happy tears though! It’s nice to have optimism and hope in the face of adversity! And if there’s anything to take home, we should always be grateful of the freedom and stability we have all our lives.

For the women in Afghanistan and anywhere in the world, who cannot make her own choices, who live in fear, who goes through pregnancy without the luxuries and comforts we (I) have, may peace and contentment come to you one day, if not in this world but in Hereafter.

Lotsa love, me

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