Selamat Hari Raya

Eid Mubarak to all muslims out there!

Ramadan has passed by so quickly. During Ramadan, the days feel long and come night time after iftar and prayers, all I wanna do is just sleep and must semangatkan diri to terawih/baca qur’an esp after a long day at work. 

Then come the last few nights, I feel like finding that remote control where I can pause time and make full use of the month. 

Anyway, every year in last few years, I vowed to balik raya. In fact this year, balik2 cakap sama Mumtathil “we have to balik raya ok?? ok??”. However there was one issue: we would be starting out in a new hospital and no way will our employers let us take time off in the first few days of induction/work. But it’s ok I assured myself: we’ll just take the next week off. At least sampat beraya open house urang in the second week of raya – and we know how bruneians love to raya the whole MONTH. 

Alas, we can only plan but Allah yang menentukan semuanya. No visa, no passport, no travel. *cue longest and saddest face in the world*

Anyway long story short, this year was yet another uneventful raya. Firstly mumtathil was working and I had induction. I couldnt go for Eid prayers pasalnya we didnt know which masjid had facilities for women. The one that definitely caters for women celebrates it the next day and leics university wasnt advertising as they usually do.

Mumtathil had to catch the early 6 am prayers to make it in time for work. I had started cooking night before but was determined to finish cooking so we can have a lil bit to eat in the morning before work. Zayan ikut tah jua bangun awal (5.50 am to be exact) and was happily playing around whilst I cooked.


I cut my induction day half way short and joined my sis in laws and brother in law, who were looking after Zayan. We went to Highcross (shopping mall) and milled around for a few hours. Went back home and mumtathil was back at 5ish pm. We had our raya dinner sometime in the evening. 

Raya dinner consisted of nasi minyak, lamb rendang, ayam percik and lots and lots of dessert/sweets – macarons from Patisserie Valerie, Krispy Kreme donuts, baklavas, truffles and trifles made by my sister in laws. Oh my, kalau atu jua inda kanyang. My shrunken stomach from Ramadan pun kekajutan. 

The thing was we were all sleepy and tired after makan, especially since we woke up so early. 

Anyway, that was our raya day. And that was it. No more raya celebrations after that. Life went back to normal. 

I try not to be sad and bitter about the lack of raya atmosphere and celebrations and I tell myself at least I’m welcoming Syawal with my family around me, with a nice duvet (and duvet cover – baru bali. hehe!) to cover me at night, with a roof above me, with tons of food to satisfy my tummy. But I am only human and the feelings creep up from time to time. 

Anyway I’ll stop talking about it or else I’ll just wallow in my misery. 

Selamat Hari Raya everyone and please forgive me for any of my wrongdoings. 

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