What a visa mess

I had some bad news regarding my working and visa. For those not in the know, I’m still waiting for my visa. Long story short, I can’t work in the next hospital until the UKBA confirms with my employer that I can definitely work (which my lawyer and the UKBA website assures me I can). I’m due to start inductions this wednesday and work on Saturday. 

Feeling depressed. A bit like in the limbo. Like I dont know what’s going to happen to me. 

Trying to keep my spirits up and just pray and ask for patience. 

Zayanino is in such a good mood though today. It should be able to cover the low mood I’m in but there are times when I just want to wallow in my misery and it’s hard to cover up and smile all the time. That said, his smile is pretty infectious. 

At times like this, I miss being in the comforts of my family and friends. With a little energetic dynamo, I wish I have the distractions and comforts of those who know me. Yknow, just like sitting down and watching TV and hanging out in the family room whilst the kids play around and you know the kids will be looked after by someone in the house. 


And to You Ya Rabb, I can only turn to and seek some solace and peace.


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