Social media fasting

Some time this month, I decided to ‘fast’ from facebook. I think I’m on it way too much. Actually, I’m on Instagram a lot but there’s only so many pictures you can see before getting bored. Plus there’s less people in my fb and usually the people I follow in IG are the people I know. As opposed to barely know and dont really care with/for their activities.

Anyway, I’m on my phone a lot and so one must go down and that was facebook. I havent stopped my account but instead logged it out on my phone. and whenever I feel bored and click on the fb app, I feel too lazy to log in and leave it at that. I do look at my account from time to time as my work colleagues are organising goodbye leave and I look at it to keep myself up to date. Usually when I do get tempted to facebook, I look at it for no more than 2-3 minutes. Or else I get suck in!

Especially with these debates on the no-eating-in-premises directive. Macam asi2 mau baca jua.

Then I thought – adangtah. Jangantah get sucked in, emosi sorang2 thousands of miles away. Kurang saja pahala puasa.

Anyway, I am quite enjoying not being on facebook. I thought it was gonna be a Ramadan thing, but I think it’ll be good to limit myself like this even after. The only thing is of posting up pics from recent events. It’s just easier to do it through facebook. Hmmmm…..

I think this person says it well:

“Social media drives us–relentlessly, punishingly, inexorably–to the now. It gives us the illusion of being up to date, current, relevant. And it shames us when we don’t know the newest meme and this week’s viral video. The medium does not encourage slow reflection or push us to the wisdom of the past. We need to fast from the information feast, lest we gorge ourselves on trivialities.” From here

Ok I’m not ashamed if I don’t know the latest meme etc but yknowhatImean….I agree with the rest of the paragraph.

Are you social media fasting as well? Try it!

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