The happy crouper

Zayan’s in the hospital. He got croup. I have little sleep. So I cannot think straight, I talk like this saja ok.

He has been having cough, fever and stridor (funny breathing noise, indicatung upper airway blockage) since yesterday.

After a trip to A&E last night (discharged), GP (dismissed as ‘not too bad’) and another trip to A&E in the last 24 hours, my boy got to a stage where he has continous stridor and working hard with his breathing. And very very clingy.

And now, he has been admitted to paeds ward for regular meds and observation. InsyaAllah he’ll be ok by tomorrow.

Did I mention he’s been clingy?

Ok battery running low,

will talk more soon insyAllah,

please extend lotsa prayers for Zayan (and us parents),

Love, me

Ps After his second dose of steroids and seeing his Ayah come from work, he was one happy boy. Walking around the ward, stridoring away, waving to people. My ex- colleague saw me and said ‘oh its your boy then who’s the happy crouper….’ Yesssss he looks well but still chugging away!

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  1. fadlina

    speedy recovery Zayan! xx

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