Ramadan Day 9


How are you all today? How has Ramadan been so far?

Can you believe it… we’ve fasted for 8 days already, Alhamdulillah. Time flies.

Fasting on a summer day has been ok, except when it gets too hot. Then I just wanna lie down with the fan on full blast. But I’ve vowed to try to be more productive, esp since summer days are long and by working and doing stuff, it keeps me preoccupied from watching the clock.

But it’s the ‘mental’ fast that has been more challenging for me. Getting angry/annoyed easily and sometimes when Zayan acts up, trying my best to be patient with him.

I’ve learnt now when he is inconsolable and angry for not getting his way (which is few and far in between Alhamdulillah), to just keep quiet and let him let it out. He wanted to hold his cereal bowl yesterday, which is a no-no of course if I dont want to spend the day scrubbing my carpeted floor. So I denied him this, he started crying and smacking the spoon away when I fed him. In the process he smacked his hand into the bowl and had cereal on his hands and baju, which made him even more mad and more smacking. I just sat there and put the bowl away. He eventually calmed down and pointed to his bubble blower, and we played that for a bit. Eventually a smile and full compliance for breakfast.

As much as I want to discipline him, I know there are times when I just had to keep quiet, stay patient and let him be. Fire cannot be fought with fire. Hopefully when he grows older, it would be easier to reason with him insyaAllah!

Anyway – as far as Ramadan goals, how are we getting on? I’ve memorized two ayat of Al kahf – lol I know 2 saja but hey! better something than none right?

And I’ve started learning Arabic through online classes. Will put up the link soon insyaAllah. Lessons are slow esp since we’re learning grammar first. But i think it’s so interesting and such an eye opener just learning lil bits of the Arabic. It certainly makes me read the Quran more attentively now.

What else? Iftar wise, M and I have been cooling normal quantities, like how we would cook dinner normally. No starter and no dessert. Though hari2 ku tepikrkan cucur udang – maybe this wknd lah buat. Ok I lie, I have cake almost every day now ever since I bought it from Hummingbird bakery ( BEST CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE EVERRRRRR).

The thing is – we eat at 9.30, feel comfortably full, pray and then wait for Isya. By that time, its 11.30 and we just wanna go to sleep. Then when bangun for sahur, atu pun kanyang masih (around 2 am). So alhamdulillah, from physicality of it, I havent felt sooohungrrryyyyy and have felt full easily. Its the drinking that I treasure most – cold water never felt so good when breaking fast.

Anyway toodles y’all,

Dont overstuff yourself, as M always points out – when you feel comfortably full, thats when it’s time to stop. Not another bit of this and that. And also he keeps telling me that my eyes are more greedy than my stomach – it’s true though 😦

May all our efforts bring us closer to Jannah, Amin.


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