Picture post

Currently at my in laws place. We realise we haven’t visited them at their place since Oct last year! *gasps* (We have met since but in Leicester)

Anywaaayyy, so here we are. And because I’m lazy, this is a picture post on what we’ve been up to the last few weeks.

One day, two weeks ago, in a moment of pure boredom in the house, I racked up my brains on what to do with Zayanino. I was tired but he wanted to play, play, play with me. And so I made him his first house/fortress/box with a window. #genius This is genius because:

1. Kids love boxes. The toys, they get bored with it. Boxes? Can spend forever playing with it.
2. He can do whatever in it – play hideandseek, throw all his toys in it, peek out of the window, just sit in it. Whatevwr you can do with a huge box, he has done it.
3. We even went crazy decorating
scribbling on it. This way, I wont have to worry him scribbling on the floor/table – he has a whole box to mess with his marker pens.


Big Bro 3 came over before he left tge country for good *sniffs* He’s finished his phd, which we’re all well proud of!! Well done bang!


After work a few days ago. We both couldnt be bothered to cook,
so we went to eat in town.



And now… where we went to today!


Zayan’s first time to a proper beach ever since he can walk. He loves it! Except the water sea part – ijap ya and held on really tight to Mumtathil when we brought him to the water. Beteriak kan menangis saja inda.

Other than that – being half naked, playing with sand and stones, eating ice cream – heavenly day for Zayan!

And now he’s zonked out. Gave milk and put him to bed and was out within less than a minute. Result!

I also have been reminded that M is a really really helpful husband and I should be more grateful to have such a hands on, neat (ie do housework) husband who helps me around and lets me be bossy a lot of times. Thanks sayang!!!

Lotsa love,

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