I’ve just been emailed from the new hospital I’m gonna be working in. They’ve just asked us to choose our rota slot preferences. So basically, if you’re not familiar with rota shift work, each person has a rota shift looks like this:


And each column is your rota slot. So each week (and sometimes day) are different shifts – you can be working normal 9-5 kinda day, oncall (9 am to 9 pm), nights (9 pm to 9 am) or ‘evening’ shift (start in the afternoon till evening). Or you can be in clinics or community week.

The point is – I have a lot of oncall starting this august. Partly because that’s how the rota is – they just put more oncalls in this hospital – and mostly because I am going to be full-time *cries silently*

People here think I’m crazy for changing from part time to full time but if I don’t go full time, my training years will take longer and I wanna finish my training here as soon as I can.

So *sigh* I’m sure I’ll be a lot lot lot tired and stressed and grumpy come August time. Plus it’s actually harder to ask for holidays because they only limit certain weeks to book holiday. *cries* mau baliiiikkkkkkkk*

Ya Allah, please make this transition easy for me and my family.

May we have the patience when we just want to sleep but have to forgo some rest time.

May all the housework somehow magically disappear – or at least feel less of a chore and easily be done.

May I one day actually succeed in making great home-cooked 15 minute meals.

May Zayan understand that whilst his parents are busy, we still love him. And not be more clingy.

Ok he can be clingy in the beginning but please may he adapt quickly.

May we have the strength, tolerance and patience to get through this.



Love, me

PS. Part of me is excited to work full time – that’s the workaholic in me talking.

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