Procrastination and forgetfulness

I’ve come to three things to learn and take away from these last few weeks and I thought I’ll just write it here to remind myself in the future (I think I really need to write this down in a notebook. And not lose the notebook. And carry the notebook with me all the time).

Lessons of the month:

1. Always always always pay back puasa ganti soon after Ramadan. Cos I always forget how many days I have to ganti and I forget to do it until summer comes.

2. Write it down!!! Write down the days I have to ganti – on a calendar, notebook, reminder on iphone, somewhere!

3. Next time I swap shifts with someone, I should write down the swap dates and make sure it’s done via email. Not verbally or via text – it’s harder to trace it back if not by email.

The other day, I looked at the rota and saw that I’m off on the saturday, when I should be working oncall. Now I should just feel happy and relieved but I didnt want it to be a mix up and then got blamed for not coming to work. So I had to look back at all my previous emails with colleagues as to trace back why and who I swapped it.

(Turned out I worked for someone last August and she’s paying it back this time. Patutlah inda ingat!)

4. Do my assessments waaaaayyyy early in the year. I tend to leave my assessments to the last minute and then in panic state (week or two before deadline) to get it done. The thing is our assessments consist of us doingg something practically or being observed at work but then the assessor (whoever is more senior than us) have to go online and do it online. That last bit is what takes time!! And some seniors forget to do it and you have to keep reminding.

Hmm I think that’s it.

Basically I just have to write things down more and just not procrastinate, may it be at work or religiously!

Love me

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