Apprentice Asia

Currently into watching The Apprentice Asia.

If you’re into the Apprentice Asia, stop reading cos I’m gonna do some spoilers.





Was rooting for the Msian girl, Nik, but she went out, Boo! Think she looks a bit like Zimah too. And also, I love her tudungs. Can’t stop admiring them. Looks like slip on but shawl-like as well. *google dimana bejual ah*

Speaking of online retail therapy, I’ve gone bit bonkers in the last hour. Bought a few tops from ASOS, on the basis that I don’t have a lot of comfortable summer tops. I have to wear layers a lot of times because of it, and PANAS ehhhh. Kan puasa lagi, must conserve energy from radiating heat.

Ok, that’s it people. Gonna try to watch some more apprentice asia videos.

Love, me

PS. I watch Apprentice UK too. Comes out every wednesday. Striking difference between the two shows. Apprentice UK’s contestants are more up themselves, selling themselves all the time, whereas in Apprentice Asia, there are a lot of times they use more -ahem- diplomacy and less straightforward when they don’t agree with something.

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