What I do on the Internet

I love blog hopping. And I’ve been a secret reader to a few bloggers, and I find it funny how random they all are and how I found them. In fact, I can’t even remember how I got to read their blogs in the first place.

So I thought I’ll share the love (and the laughs I get whenever I read their posts):

My all-time favourite go-to blogs:

A Cup of Jo
US based blogger. I love her writings and links, especially her posts on ‘Motherhood Mondays’. Have to give credit to her – she’s my number 1 inspiration in terms of bloggers out there for my writings and random posts.

She also makes me want to live in the US with all the cool things I can get there! hehe. Ok materialistic much but some of them are really quite quirky and hipster-ish!

Crappy Pictures

She’s a funny one. So funny in fact that I bought her book:

crappy pic book

Love how relatable she is and how she brings out that side of parenthood – the ‘Omgad my child is awake again at 4 am, I can’t deal with this’ scenarios and bring her humor and wit to it. Cos with some parents, it makes me feel like I’m this inadequate parent who likes to moan and I look at their child and think ‘seriously, seriously, your child is so well behaved?! sleeps through the night! not a crier!’. Let’s just say, it’s nice to see the side of parenthood without the tinted glasses and see the REAL day to day life of parenting. Do I make sense here?

How it is like to not sleep at night

This is one of my favourite posts and I read it when I first had Zayan (probably in the first month or two being a sleep deprived mummy). Pretty sure I nearly wept with laughter, knowing that someone is going through the same thing as me. Minus the dog, at least I have one less being to give attention to.

Who else?

Going to the Asian continent…

Here are some Msian bloggers that I follow:

(Dear blogger, if somehow you read this, HI! I am your secret reader-stalker. I have no relations to you but I love reading your posts. Please continue to entertain me with your writings)

Maria Elena the blogger

She reminds me of a good friend in some ways. (Zimah I mean you) Funny too.

Four feet nine

She also funny too. She speaks like this sometimes lah and it makes me think like this too. I quite like thinking in that Chinese Msian/Sporean way. HAHA.

Ok I gtg. Movie date night. Ciao bellas!


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6 responses to “What I do on the Internet

  1. fadlina

    i think you will also enjoy asmanasa.com and proudduck.com xx

  2. S

    Yesss… i enjoy asmanasa.com and proudduck too! haha… hi Fad (syaz here)

  3. fadlina

    Syaz!! hi!! how are you?

    lol… i was like ehh wait a minute…this blog is fiz’s, not syaz. hahaha what other blogs do you read?

  4. syuhaida

    Salam kaka..lol.. M your secret reader.hahahaha now u know. Syu terimagine tu kaka depan syu berceta apa yg kaka tulis.lol.

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