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So many pregnant people I know who will pop in next few weeks insyaAllah (ok only three, but still). So I’ve been thinking what are the best presents to give to new parents. Here’s what I think would be great for new parents:

For Babies

Best thing actually is to ask the parents what they would like. They’ll probably say ‘inda payah ehhh’ but you know you’re gonna buy them something anyway. So insist that you will buy them something anyway and it’s better if you get them something they don’t already have or they’ve been wanting to get. 

If they still insist on nothing or they can’t give an answer, here are what I found great/useful to have:

1. A changing mat


Mas, my dear best friend, bought something similar to this. We already had a changing mat (As will do almost all of new parents in their list of things to buy) but it was so useful to have an extra mat. We’ve got one in our room for nighttime changing and one in the living room where we camped in day time. 

2. Baby bibs

This is one item that parents will need for a very long time! Especially if you have a toddler that still salivates a lot especially during teething time. And you can never ever ever have enough bibs. Some of his bibs are so stained – either with milk or when we started weaning in and oh so bejurit anak ani. So even at more than a year old, we were buying bibs for him. First we had the classic baby bibs but as he got older, we bought the funkier bandana bibs. So good too for hiding stains on his baju (HEHE!). 

Here’s a website which has a lot of cool bibs and at not a bad price too:

3. Gift vouchers

Probably the least personalised but we are ever so grateful whenever given gift vouchers! (or money he he he) It’s a bit better to have gift vouchers for me, because then I know it’s allocated for baby/new mummy stuff and still feels like a ‘present’, if that makes sense. For example, if i buy something from gift voucher, I think of the new item as a present from the giver. 

4. Blankets and socks

See above. Goes under the list of things you can never have enough of. 

I mean, I can’t be bothered to buy socks and love it when I find someone has bought a set for Zayan. Saves me from buying them!

And as for blankets, having a really soft comfortable one is nice to have as well. I think we’ve got about`a

5. Clothes that seems more like a luxury

A lot of new parents would probably already have bought the usual clothing items: baby vests, babygros, hats, mittens. But when it comes to those clothings that seems a little more of a luxury, they may hold back on that. So you, my friend, can get it for them! 

We’ve had Man United babygros which I LOVE and would not buy but would love to. 

Be practical though when buying ‘special’ clothes. Make sure that it’s comfortable for the kid and be able to be worn in their surrounding climate. Like buying thin clothes for a winter baby is a no-no.

Word of advice: babies grow a little too fast sometimes. So, it’s better to buy clothes that are 3-6 months or 6-9 months old. A lot of people buy clothes for newborns, sampai inda tepakai. When people give me clothes that are older, I find it a nice surprise when I look in the closet and find clothes that now fits him (save me from buying new ones for awhile! >_<) 

Ok that’s it for now. 

Lotsa love, me


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