I’m so sad, I spent the last half an hour reading through my old posts. In my defence, I was trying to find whether I’ve documented the days I’ve fasted puasa ganti. Cos I can’t remember how many days sudah ku puasa *talor* 

Anyway, reading back, I’ve been pretty random. And I’ve not written much post lately on just telling stories. 

So here’s a story for you since I have found out my ex-housemate is reading my blog:

I came to Leicester in 2003. Wow, that’s 10 years ago. *tebeliak mata*

When I was confirmed a place in Leics medical school, I decided I’ll live in a house straight away instead of in halls. I think it’s because of having lived for 2 years in a boarding house, with its rules and communal living and just not as homey as you want it to be…. I decided to find a house to stay in and of course, housemates that comes with it. 

Can’t remember how I found them but got to know there were 4 other bruneians, all medics, in Leics. And somehow I wrangled my way into their house – bisai jua ah looking back, they have a spare bedroom in their house!! 

My first memory of meeting them was at the train station. Bringing a huge trolley bag (or two), I used the lift and when I walked to the main train station waiting area, I saw three girls pakai tudung (Brunei style) running in front of me, past me. Cali jua mikirkan. 

Ever since that day, they were like older sisters I’ve never had. Well andang jua never have a sister. But they looked after me so much, I must be like this lil kid to them! Fresh from A levels, still hanching hanching. 

Each of them have such different personality:

One loved purple so much. And is great at cooking. I think she cooked almost all the time (for us). She was the most motherly but have her kiddish moments too – like when she phoned me excitedly, screaming, and I didnt get it until I finally got out what she was trying to tell me: It’s SNOWING!

Another, my next room neighbour, is rational but ada jua ahem bimbo moments. She likes to teach too, and I go to her when I dont know something. She was on a long distance relationship back then (now married with kids! — i think she has 2 kids now) and I just remember a lot of her was communicating with him, if that makes sense. 

One is the closest in age to me (2 years difference). And her personality is different to mine – or my 19 year old self. Ahem, kira ani much more mellow lah and less ‘bouncy’. She’s more of an introvert but never fails to make me laugh. The sweetest, kindest person I’ve met. Macam atulah rasanya when I’m with her. *hehehehe* 

And then there’s Lyd. Who is so funny and into all the superficial bimbo shows that I watch. Like Celebrity get me out of here. And she has bad insomnia like me too. Her room is directly above mine and at 3 am, feeling so awake, I can hear her walking around her room. We joked once that we should just have a party since we’re both awake. 

Uni housemates hold such a special memory to you, doncha think? They’re the ones who has seen you grow and probably seen you at your best and worst times. Big hugs and love to all my ex-housemates out there (total count: 8 ex-housemates in the span of 5 uni years)!

Lotsa love, me

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One response to “Ex-housemates

  1. HB

    awww… this post brought tears to my eyes!
    emo plang ku nah & i feel an ache in my heart.. *hugs*
    alhamdulillah for all His blessings!

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