Exam results

The results of my exam came out. I only knew this yesterday because PasTest (which is the website I used to study/look at past year questions) emailed me to review them and informed me that results are out.

So, I logged in to my RCPCH (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health) account, to which I forgot my password. And because I tried a few times, my account got blocked. *tarik2 rambut* Palpitations to the max*

Nothing I could do until today. At 10 am, account still blocked (So impatient!) and I called RCPCH office, and they said to check in 1 hour’s time. At the time, I was about to do my grocery shopping. I stalled by spending a long time fawning over which brand of prawns to buy and comparing for the cheapest rice bags. Resisted all attempts to check my phone and log in onto the website until I finally went home.

Atu pun suspense kan open the exam results page.


Great news! I passed my Part 2 written exam! (2nd attempt)

Let me enlighten you on how much of a great news this is:

1. It’s one step closer to finishing all my exams.

To become a paediatric registrar (aka resident for those who watches American medical shows and more familiar with the medical heriarchy there), I have to pass my clinical exam AND finish ST 3. I will start my ST 3 this august and it lasts for a year. So by the end of August next year, I need to pass my last and final exam (the clinical exam).

But before even attempting the clinical exam, I have to do Part 1a, Part 1B and Part 2 first. Part 1b atu pun sudah payah2an. I think I attempted it three times in total. And now Part 2 passed! Wooohooooo.

Bring on clinicals!!!

(Tapi before that, relax ku dulu ah before belajar lagi)

This is how RCPCH explained it:

“The examinations currently consist of the Part 1 written paper, the Part 2 written paper and the Clinical Examination. The Part 1 examination is devised of two separate papers; Parts 1a and 1b. The Part 2 examination is one examination split across two papers. The final element of the MRCPCH examinations is the MRCPCH Clinical Examination. The MRCPCH Clinical Examination is a practical examination that is split across 10 clinical stations. Ordinary Membership of the College is achieved by successfully completing all examination elements of the MRCPCH.”

2. Doing an exam costs A LOT.

Each paper to sit for, mesti bayar. Think it cost around £400 ish each time you sit a paper. They have 3-4 rounds of exam in a year, so you just do whenever and keep on trying until pass. And to prepare for my exam, I subscribed to TWO website which had past year questions – I think that costed me in total £150. And dont forget the books I bought – I think I must have paid AT LEAST £50 on books.

So, total must be at least £600!!!! Imagine having to sit for it AGAIN!

(This is not including any hidden cost. Traveling to exam centre. Traveling to work. etc etc)

3. Sitting for an exam means sacrificing time away from family.

I went all out on the last sitting as I didn’t want to sit for it again. Studying for an exam with a toddler is hard! I can’t sit and study for hours on end. My time is limited, and usually after Zayan sleeps as he usually kacau or up to some mischief when he’s awake. And by evening time, I’m all tired and malas kan belajar.

I stayed back after work a lot of times, either to have study groups with my colleagues or have teaching with the consultants. On my off days, I came to the hospital to get some studying done.

So really, by the end of it, I didn’t want to sit for the same paper again and again. Get it over and done with and on with the next exam.

4. I know good doctors who have to pass the written and clinical examinations time and time again. Some had to sit for the Part 2 for 5 times. I dont know how they stayed patient and still semangat belajar by the 5th attempt!

Anyway, point is – I passed my exam. And that’s what it means 🙂 🙂

Lotsa love, me


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7 responses to “Exam results

  1. fadlina

    yay, Alhamdulillah! Congrats. Time to celebrate!

  2. HB

    Alhamdulillah.. tahniah fiz!

    • Hahaha thanks Her! Apa khabar kamu semua?? Didnt know ko baca my blog hehehe. *senyum sipu sipu*

      • HB

        baru tah jua hari ani fiz..
        so glad bila 1st tym baca entry, its psl good news ani..
        alhamdulillah semua ok but we dont get to see much of each other as we would have liked to.

  3. Hanisah

    Hello doctor. I’m final year medical student and just finish my final mbbs exam currently doing shadow housemanship. I’m interested about mrcpch. I would like to know more about your path for mrcpch, how to apply and preparation that you made for the mrcpch programme. Thank you.

    • Hi Hanisah, are you studying in uk? Do you mean the interview process to paediatric training or doing the mrcpch exam? I did my housemanship in UK for two years and then entered paediatrics training in UK. I only started doing the mrcpch exams on my first year of paediatrics training. I didn’t intend to take paediatrics until the end of my first year of housemanship. Somehow all the years of A levels and medical school involved me volunteering, doing electives and working in paediatric-based hospitals/charities — which boosted my CV.

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