Down the foggy pregnancy memory lane

I was watching this video on youtube on a mum documenting her pregnancy via video from the beginning. It made me wish I did that too. 

Haiihh lupa sudah what telah happened back then. Seriously all the pain and things that go wrong during pregnancy (which is not much for me, alhamdulillah.) sudah lupa. *denial denial* broody berabis* This is what you get for working in paeds! Getting to cuddle and see cute babies/kids day in day out. 

Anyhooooooo what I do remember when seeing the baby scan for the first time – I was commenting on how big the baby looked on screen. Like serious big. Rupanya the sonographer can change the size on the screen. At that time (think around 12 weeks old), babies are the size of a fig. LOL *bimbo* 

I’m quite happy that the first person to do my scan was a good friend of mine when I went back to Brunei for holiday. Belabih lagi tu, call tarus2. “Behapa ko? Aku di hospital ni ambil ubat for my mum. Free kah?” HEHE. I love you HB you know who you are! I think she was more emo than me the first time round. I was just in a shock, there’s a heart beating INSIDE ME. And there I was, going paragliding and snorkeling at 11 weeks. *peace sign* We turned out ok, no?

Ok, I should sleep. Midnight sudah. 


Love, me


PS Fruit and veggie comparison of baby size. Cute!


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2 responses to “Down the foggy pregnancy memory lane

  1. HB

    owhh.. i remember that day!
    aku plang yang terlebih iski! hehe

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