A day of Zayan and mama

Off for another two weeks. Well, one day of study leave next week. Going for a neurology course. Have yet to read the 92 page course book and do the pre-course quiz.

Anyway, its been a very hot day. Zayan showed no signs of wanting a nap. Well, we woke up at 9 am today (!!) – normally my personal live alarm clock goes at 6 am, so this is a very welcomed pleasure. Pancakes for breakfast with pears to make it all healthier. Then, did some jillian michaels workout but halfway Zayan started crying.

So, we had a shower/bath. By then, it was 11 am and he was in good spirits again. The painter came to put a new shine to our balcony. Zayan put it upon himself to monitor the painter’s activities, following him around behind the balcony’s windows. Kesian painter.

Anyway lunch came. Zayan loved his pasta as usual but what surprised me was that he LOVED the green beans and asparagus I cooked for yesterday’s dinner. M offered one to him and he cried for another piece of bean/asparagus.

So i thought, lunch done. He’s pooed and had his milk. Surely its time for nap right? *I* wanted a nap!! But no, refused AGAIN!

Anyway we had to run some errands. And of course the minute we were in the car, tidddurrrr tia.

Eventually we got to a coffee/cake place ran by this muslim woman who made our wedding cake. Yes, I’m a loyal customer.

Zayan is in very good spirits, maybe because he had a few licks of my ice cream AND had ribena AND putting his finger in my pastry cream goodness (i dunno what it’s called).

I love these days with him and will surely miss it when I go full time this August.

Love you baby boy,
your mama







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