Reading heaven

I went to the bookshop in town last weekend. I decided right there and then to splurge on books (not that i haven’t recently) as my birthday present for myself. There were books here and there that I wanted to get. PLUS books from kindle that I have yet to read/finish.

So, the last 2-3 weeks, I’ve been off a lot. Two weeks of annual leave, then a set of three night shifts, then another week off (as I’ve volunteered to work instead in august when we’re low on drs. I’m sure I’ll complain then).

This means I have a lot of time on my hands. We went to Brighton and then Edinburgh, and I decided I need to get back to my reading groove and actually USE the kindle. I haven’t read a non-medical book in awhile, thanks to my exams (results in 2 weeks, GAAAHHH!).

And this is what I’ve read (or semi-read) and recommend:

1. Love Inshaallah


Interesting take on muslim women in US on falling in love/having relationships. Though some of their practices are islamically questionable. But hey, I’m not perfect either and only Allah can say whether a person is being a true muslim or not. Also, I never thought of myself as ‘a muslim girl falling in love with a muslim boy’ – we were just two people getting into a relationship. It sure made me think of how we got together differently! Maybe I’ll write up on it one day.

2. One World Anthropology: A global anthology of short stories

Click here for the book

I love reading the african stories especially. Captivating and draws you in, kinda makes me wish it’s not a short story after all! Also made me look into the different writers previous books!

3. Warm Bodies: A Novel

I couldn’t get myself to finish this book. It’s just sooo sloooowwww. And maybe because it is written on the first hand of zombie, it makes the english too simple, kinda like a teen book. I don’t know, maybe I just haven’t reached the part where it gets intriguing and I’m sold. Perhaps, one day I’ll finish it.

….I watched the movie a few nights ago though, so I doubt I’ll finish it! hehe.

And my most recent book…..

4. How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm


It lets you in on the different parenting practices all over the world – from the Japanese letting children deal their fights on their own to Argentine children staying up well past bedtime for some socialising with the family. A different perspective from what our (or more like, western) society expects from parents. Although I believe in parenting following your instincts, there are some practices that has made me think and learn more from. I mean, just because everyone goes baa, doesn’t mean we have to join right?

Preview on the topics:

How Buenos Aires Children Go to Bed Late

How the French Teach Their Children to Love Healthy Food <—- I agree! Would love for more kids/parents to take on this!

How Kenyans Live Without Strollers

How the Chinese Potty Train Early

How Aka Pygmies Are the Best Fathers in the World <— Aka Pygmies men takes care of the children almost half the amount of time as the mums. The men even let the babies suck on their nipples if mummy’s not there. M was not sold by this.

How Lebanese Americans Keep Their Families Close <— Reminded me of Bruneians really.

How Tibetans Cherish Pregnancy

How the Japanese Let Their Children Fight

How Polynesians Play without Parents <— Interesting read! This is why we need to have more kids >_<

How Mayan Villagers Put Their Kids to Work

How Asians Learn to Excel in School

Anywaaaay, that’s it from now. I’ve got another book to read. Actually, a few more books:

– Fast times in Palestine by Pamela Olson (travel, non-fictional)
– The little coffee shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez (fictional)
– Lost at sea by Jon Ronson
– Reclaim your heart by Yasmin Mogahed

So, all in all, I think currently my mood for books are either the travelling kind or different cultures or islamically-orientated ones. Except for Lost at sea – M bought that but it looks intriguing.

Baca jangan inda membaca….


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2 responses to “Reading heaven

  1. fadlina

    thank you for this post! so i got a kindle for my bday from the husband ( mati-matian ku pikir ia membalikan aku bag. nyeah.) and have yet to fiddle arnd with it. i have my eyes on the reclaim your heart. the eskimo book sounds interesting and love insya Allah. Will defnitely have a browse through amazaon soon! i get excited when ppl post reviews of books. makes me want to check it out for myself.

    good luck on your result. Hope you got what you wanted!

    • Hi Fad! Definitely recommend for you to read the eskimo book! Think you’ll find it an interesting read. Love Inshaallah is good too. Bali bali bali! LOL my husband bought me a kindle for my bday jua (last year). When I asked this year if ia kan balikan bag, he said ‘he’s not going to get sucked into my bag fetishes’. Tshhh. Why men have to be practical and rational?? Anyway, it took me awhile to get into my kindle. But love getting books so easily (TOO easily) and if you download kindle app on your phone, you can have read your books there too. Makes waiting around more time-beneficial…yknow after trolling through IG. hehe.

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