My cheeky lil boy


After I took this photo, I realise my 17 month old baby boy is looking more and more likea big boy. How time flies!

He’s turning to be such a cheeky boy though. I took off all his clothes kan mandi and then he took off to the balcony area. Climbed up the ledge and opened the door (didnt realise i didnt lock it shut). Sekali belari tah ya along the long balcony in all his nakedness (with nappy).

Also he likes to ‘offer’ his food when ya makan. In fact he insists you eat what he gives you and mau suapkan. But when you reach out for it (ie makanan kan masuk mulut dah), he retracts his hand away and eats it instead!! Teaser!!!

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June 8, 2013 · 7:51 am

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