Sick, literally

Did I not just write about planning but may not be able to execute? Well, on that day of writing, I started having similar symptoms to zayan – with diarrhoea to boot.

The story started like this.

On Tuesday 4th of June, I was still determined to catch the Derren Brown live show. *I will celebrate my birthday with two hour of freedom, dammit!* Zayan was back to his normal self. I know this because he’s started eating more and singing to himself whilst at it.

So I booked tickets to the show for that evening.

Around 5 pm, when I woke up from my nap, I started feeling really nauseous. Like I had to lie down in a quiet place to feel better. Of course, this is not at all possible when you have 17 month old boy as company.

We had to rush to go around 7.30 pm to catch the show in half an hour. Whilst in the car, M was zooming in high speed and telling me how his friend can go to our place to work in 8 minutes (he has some fancy car. M normally takes around 20 mins). Makin tia rasa kan muntah. I think my face may have changed colour, feeling more and more nauseous. Now I know how pregnant ladies feel with morning sickness! (Alhamdulillah, I didnt have any sickness during pregnancy)

So, whilst he was driving around a curb yet in a fast speed, I couldnt take it anymore and had to puke. Scrambled around to find somewhere to puke, nada! Took my bag and was gonna puke in it (I know, desperate). M told me to open the windows and puke out instead. And so I did. Like a drunken hijabi at 7 in the evening, I had my head out and puked, not once, not twice, three times. Also we were so close to the pedestarian walks, people were walking around and M thought I would hit the guy walking past. Sorrrryyyyy. I really do feel sorry for whoever had to witness that.

I felt way better after that. Did that stop us going to the show? Of course not! We had to drop off something at a friend’s house and M washed his car door and I freshened up. M was going all ‘my car! my car!’. Payah jua OCD neat clean freak husband ani. When I wanted to puke, he kept asking whether I want to go out or not. In truth, he actually wanted me to go out so his car will not be contaminated. Tsk!!!

Anyway, we went to the show. I could only last maybe 10 minutes before feeling really really unwell and knew the floors of the DeMonfort hall will be covered with my stomach contents if I didn’t go out asap. And so I did. We left the show after the interval – I waited for M to finish watching till the interval. I puked another two times in the meantime. Puking sucks. It’s like someone punched you in the stomach and you have projectile vomit. Projectile vomiting really does exist.

A few hours later, M, my mum and dad (they’re visiting) had the bug too.

Thankfully, it didn’t last long. The next day, M and I stopped having d&v but barely ate anything. I couldnt face the thought of any food and M didnt have any appetite. Mama though carried on having d&v, so I brought her to A&e as she wasnt keeping any fluids down.

We spent 8 hours there, first she was going to be admitted to the medical ward. But they didnt have any beds. By 7 am, she felt much better and stopped having vomiting and having diarrhoea. Alhamdulillah. So the dr discharged here. YAY!

Today is her birthday. Needless to say, my mum and I are having a crappy birthday this year. (It’s ok cos as M says, birthdays are not real)

Lotsa love, me

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