We may plan and plan….

Hey all!!

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in awhile.

Where do I start?

So, I turned 29 yesterday. I actually couldn’t remember what my age would be without calculating it out. Mesti tanya M lagi tu cos i couldnt be bothered to work it out. The good news is – I’m not 30 yet! Whee!

The funny thing with birthday is – for me, anyway – I feel like I’m stuck on a time warp in a way. I don’t think I look 29, I definitely don’t feel 29! When my brothers hit 29, I thought -Wow- tua sudah. But I just feel like this lil kid playing hide and seek with my boy, which we both get a kick out of. (I have to find new hiding places, seriously)

Anyway, M and I were supposed to watch Derren Brown live yesterday. He’s a magician, wait that’s not the right word. Here’s how wiki described him : “Derren Brown (born 27 February 1971)[3] is a British illusionist, mentalist, trickster, hypnotist, painter, writer, and sceptic.” We’ve only seen his shows on TV and often wonder how we’ll respond if called in person in his live shows.

So I bought the tickets, all excited, cos I’ll be doing grownup things on my birthday whilst Zayan is asleep in his bed *evil laugh* But …but…but…. we can only plan, Allah knows best. Start tia muntah2 Zayan in the wee morning around 4 ish of my birthday. It was like throw up, cry, comfort, sleep, throw up, cry, comfort, sleep…. eventually we all woke up at 7 am. M getting ready for work, Zayan all awake and I having a massive headache. Couldn’t rest properly though as Zayanino was not feeling nice and vomited again after this first bottle of milk in the morning. Let’s just say that he was all cranky and whingey and was like third leg of mine. Ke jamban pun payah2an. Except nothing, NOTHING, appeased him for long. And yes, I still had a headache and feeling nauseous myself.

He has had no milk since 4 pm yesterday since he pukes each time he has milk. He didnt drink much all day yesterday, refusing diarolyte and juice. So decided to give him milk to see if he’ll tolerate it tapi muntah lagi after. Today though, he woke up in a good mood, all happy and back to his normal self. Even sleeps in his normal routine time (his routine has gone bonkers since we went to Brighton and Edinburgh). Soooooo, I might just push my luck and go to Derren Brown show today instead!

It just reminded me that we may plan and plan but only Allah has the power to execute. And our health and children’s health may easily change. May Allah protect us always and put us in good health. Amin.

Lotsa love,

PS. Sold the tickets yesterday to a friend, a medical student, just an hour before the show. Her friend that went with her got called . There was a note that Derren Brown wrote before the show saying he will call three people to stage and one of them would be a medical student. Gasps! *whisper whisper* kawan jin kah Mr brown ani?

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